Double Time Transport is a Carrier and a Broker…what does that mean?

Double Time Transport is a versitile transportation company that provides multiple services to meet customers needs.

*Carrier- We have our own fleet of licened trucks that travels within our typical routes for a safe and reliable transportation.

*Broker- If we can’t get to you in a timely fashion we will use our outside brokerage company to get the job done, making it convienent to arrange pick ups and drop offs.

Double Time Transport is a Federally licensed motor carrier that has shipped thousands of vehicles, allowing us sort out good carriers from the bad. We have built relationships with outside carriers that we trust to make sure the job get done right. WE KNOW WHO’S RELIABLE and we know which carriers perform best and on which routes.

How long will it take to transport my vehicle?

This would depend on the distance it’s traveling. Most cross country moves typically take 10-14 days from your confirmed pick-up date. A move from either coast to the center of the country will typically take 5-10 days. When you receive a quote from us you will also be provided with transit times for your particular move.

Is service door to door or terminal to terminal?

“An example of when Door-to-Door shipping is not applicable would be if your street does not permit auto haulers due to road being too narrow for large trucks to enter or the HOA doesn’t allow large vehicles, in this case we would advise you if it is necessary to meet at a shopping center or parking lot for pickup or delivery if we can’t get close to your home or office door or if you will need Terminal-to-Terminal service.”

*Door-to-Door shipping means that the carrier will pick up your vehicle right from your home or office. This is the most popular method of shipping since in most cases it is more convenient for both the auto transport company and the customer. However, with this option you should ensure that you are available on the date of pick up and delivery and schedule the time to meet the auto hauler personally.

*Terminal-to-Termianl shipping would be needed if the auto carrier is unable or cannot easily access your home or office. This shipping method may cost more than door to door shipping but allows you to still have your vehicle shipped to desired location. Terminals are storage facilities where you can drop your car off at any time that is convenient for you. The terminal may charge you additional fees for your vehicle storage until the auto hauler picks your vehicle up on a more convenient day.

Contact is usually made 24 hours in advance. Please be aware that the driver or a dispatcher will need to make actual contact with someone before they will deliver your car.

Do you require a deposit?

Sometimes… If you are paying cash on delivery, we charge a small percentage the day after your vehicle is picked up. The C.O.D portion must be in the form of cash, cashier’s check, or money order.

Can I request a one-day pick up?

Yes, for an additional charge. We generally ask for a 3-4 day window, however, for $150-$200) you can choose which day you would like your vehicle picked up. Please keep in mind, it may not leave out on the transport truck that day but typically, it will leave within a few days of the local pickup depending on the circumstances.

Can I put a car cover on my vehicle?

No! Bad idea! Not only is it against the law, but imagine what that would do to your vehicle after traveling several hundred (even thousands) of miles flapping against your paint. Not to mention there’s a good chance that it will fly off in transit. We can make arrangements to have your vehicle hauled in an enclosed trailer.

What do I need to do to prepare my car for shipment?

Make sure there are no personal items inside. You can leave the registration and insurance in the glove box. Leave approximately 1/4 tank of gas, and be sure to give your keys to the driver.

That’s about it! The fuel level is a weight issue. Gas weighs about 8 pounds per gallon. That can add up fast with multiple vehicles.

Can I pack anything in my car?

No Personal Items in Vehicles
Double Time Transport is now prohibiting the inclusion of personal items in vehicles being shipped as directed by the DOT.
This is for three very good reasons:
License & Insurance – It is against FMCSA (Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration) Regulations for carriers to transport personal possessions within a vehicle. Carriers risk fines for transporting personal possessions. In addition, the carrier’s insurance typically does not cover the loss or damage of personal possessions included in a vehicle being shipped.
Weight – Auto haulers have strict limits on the weight of loaded trucks and trailers. The unanticipated weight of personal items could cause carriers to be overweight. In this situation, the carrier has to make a choice to drive overweight (risking fines and significant delays) or not take the vehicle.
Safety – Extra weight in the car could cause damage to the undercarriage during loading and unloading
FEUL – It is greatly appreciated if your level is about a quarter tank if possible. We do get weighed  periodically along our routs. Keeping the fuel level low helps with weight.

Weight plays an incredibility important role in the car transportation process, one that most people are not aware of. And its not just car transport – it’s just more prevalent in this logistics industry than many others because the freight is all controlled by individual customers. We aren’t shipping boxes with pre- determined weight; we’re shipping cars, and all cars have different net weights, and that can cause problems for auto transporters. Add to the equation a bunch of stuff in everyone’s car, and the weight piles up quick. Think of it this way: if each car on a ten-car carrier has a hundred pounds of extra stuff, that’s a thousand pounds more weight than what the carrier was anticipating, and all that extra weight will need to be accounted for at the next weight station. You know what happens when a truck is overweight at a weight station? Fines for weight and other unauthorized items being in the vehicle. The trucks must conform to weight limits which means if there are personal items causing the problem, they must go or the vehicle will have to be unloaded and items left at the weight station for another truck.

How do I pay for my shipment?

There are two options for payment. You can pay the driver upon delivery with cash, cashiers check, american express or postal money order. The other option is you may give us a Visa, MasterCard, or  American Express number and we’ll run the card here in our office once the car has picked up from origin.