Double Time and the Silver State Classic and the Nevada Open Road Challenge

Hello, I’m Jesse, the owner of Double Time, I wanted to write this to tell our customers or anyone that may be interested about a unique opportunity that we would like to offer. The Silver State Classic is an open Road race in Ely, NV where you race on a closed public highway. There are two races, The Silver State Classic in September and the Nevada Open Road Challenge in May. I’ve participated in the Nevada Open Road Challenge for two years in a row and we are currently making plans for our third trip out. This past year we brought a Double Time truck out along with three cars that participated in the event. We would like to bring more cars out this year and fill a truck going out. If you are interested in a truly unique experience and have an interest in Cars or Auto racing this may be a fun opportunity for you. We’re currently making plans for our May 2019 trip out, anyone interested please call Jesse at the Double Time office (231-929-8981) I can explain how the event works and the logistics of getting your car out there. We can help you get your car to the event, we can also put you in contact with someone to help arrange travel to the event who has been to it and knows the in’s and out’s of the scheduling. This may make it easier and not so out of reach if you would like to do something like this but aren’t sure how to make it happen. Any questions please call, it’s been something that I find myself looking forward to as soon as I get home from the event, I’m ready to go back and do it again.
Jesse DeGraeve

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